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Diet Tips and Planning

Ayurveda looks at our food and nutrition in a very unique and integrated way. We all know that food is one of the basic necessities of our life. We all know that food is essential for our existence and growth of all living beings. Not only life, growth, strength, feeling of satisfaction, glow of skin, good quality voice but Ayurveda says that food is responsible for intellect and creativity too.
Ayurveda Tips
Ayurveda recommends vegetarian foods which gives more nourishment to the body than the non-vegetarian foods. Simple food makes the body strong and discords diseases. Overeating may cause obesity and may invite diseases.

In Ayurveda Night meals must be taken two or three hours before sleeping. This will be help in your proper digestion and healthy life.

Everyone knows bath remove dirt and waste material and brings freshness in the body. While you go for bath use oil for massage, it is very beneficial for skin and body.

Wash your face three or four time in a day. It is beneficial for your healthy face and good looks. For teeth cleaning use the twig of Neem and Babool it helps for cleaning the teeths.

Tongue always clean regularly otherwise it will be increase foul smells. Scrapets will be copper, steel or plastic use by you.

Maintain a schedule of Yoga or any physical exercise, by this you will be fit and fine in your day to day routine. It also recharges your day to day energy level.

According to Ayurveda cutting of hair, mustaches, beard, nails of hand, feet are must be clean and always small, it is good for body constitution.

In morning drink some glass water for better life.