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Customers Feedbacks

We have lot of regular customers and floating customers, from all over the world. like foreigner's, NRI corporates and all high class people. Our 99% of customers are fully satisfied.

Mr.S. Nagoya, Japan
It was first Ayurvedic Massage experience. Excellent refreshing & incredible. Really like to introduce Japanese people & country

Kyung Hee Lee, S. Korea
I am very satisfied with this ayurvedic course. They are very kind, helpful and honest. They have no any reservation in the teaching. That is why I thought I was invited by God to this center.

Eric Longcote, France
Excellent training, especially taking into consideration the short duration ( 3 days) very nice trainers and staff, both informative and friendly. Very nice atmosphere- hope you’ll have a lot of success in the future.

Monique Gharios, Australia
Thank u for the training, the practicals were extremely interesting & the staff were outstandly friendly. Would recommend treatment here also.

Hae Nam Kim-S. Korea
I have visited to India, at four times, but I was at first time in Delhi. In this ayurvedic center of Delhi I was very happy and experience of ayurvedic therapy was super. I am satisfied with ayurvedic study and treatment, too .

Dori Jones 4831, 19th street, Zephyrhills, Fl. US
Amazing! An amazing journey, words cannot speak the magic of Ayurveda.

Carey Price: New York
It was worth the trip to the clinic to experience & totally relaxing, cleansing. Hopefully we will be back in Delhi again to stay longer.

Pedro D Castro-Brazil
It was so good to be enjoying during the one week course & treatment of ayurveda massage. I thank u to be part of the ayurvedic group.