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Swedish Body Massage

Swedish body massage is one of the most effective ways and best known type of massage in the west part of the world. Well, if you are a first timer and planning to get a massage, then Swedish massage is the best type of body massage to start with because it not only gives relief to your muscles but removes stiffness and pain. There are many licensed Swedish massage saloons and spa centers that offer a great deal and massage packages for their customers to relax and experience the rejuvenating time having Swedish body massage therapy. Every type of massage differs from the techniques used. Similarly, Swedish body massage techniques differ from the other types of body massage but Swedish body massage therapy is considered as one of the most effective ones amongst all as it contains the five main strokes essential for any Swedish body massage. The five main strokes of Swedish body massage include:

  • Effleurage: deep massage done with the help of thumbs.
  • Friction: done with the use of circular motions
  • Petrissage: this involves kneading motions.
  • Vibration: shaking rapidly.
  • Tapotement: rhythmic tapping using the edge and heel of the hand.

Before, the practitioner begins the Swedish body massage therapy, applying cream, oil or lotions to the skin is the first preference in order to reduce the friction and help make the strokes smoother. If you are under a great pressure of work or stress, make sure to get a Swedish body massage done from a reputed and well known spa or saloon as it helps relive your muscle strains and a good masseuse will make sure that you get utmost comfort and relaxation with the Swedish body massage. Still, there are few things that should be kept in mind before you book yourself for a nice Swedish body massage, at first, let your masseuse know, if you have any type of injury or conditions like pregnancy, pain, allergies or infections. As Swedish massage promotes relaxation, ease muscle tension by adding essential oils that keep you and your skin healthier and naturally glowing.