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Body Massage

Massage is a therapy or technique which is used to provide relax to the parts of body or the whole body. Massage or body massage is used to enhance the function of the whole body and it promotes the healthy life. Body massage consists of acting on the stationary, structured, unstructured or moving tension, motion, vibration done by hand or with mechanical aids. Full body massage is applied to hands, feet, leg, fingers, knee, elbow means from feet to head.

Body Massage Delhi

Keraleeya Ayurveda Panchakarma centre is one of authentic centre which offers massage therapy in a traditional way. Because of commercial value, a lot of emphasis is laid, now – a days, upon inventing new drugs and therapies for treating patients who have already becomes victims of diseases. Body massage on the other hand, gives priority to and prescribes measure for preventing occurrence of such ailments and for maintaining as well as promoting the positive health of an individual in order to keep him healthy and happy, both physically and mentally.

This kerala ayurvedic massage enhances the life span, improves the intelligence and memory power, promotes health, provides youthful state of the body, improve the sexual vigor, to enhance the sexual performance, betters the body lusture, complexion and voice, improves the efficiency of the different cognitive abilities by way of achieving the excellence of body tissues is known as rejuvenation therapy.

Here one can get rid off the stress & tension in a day-to-day life by getting an excellent rejuvenation therapy in a peaceful atmosphere. Also certain therapies are included in the daily routine to promote the health in hale and healthy. Well, body massage in India is an origin where regular practice of Abhyanga (the oil massage) is advised to maintain the physical fitness. Udvartana( a form of massage therapy) is ideal for regular practice in fatty persons. Regular practice of oil application to the scalp is also very much important. Nasyam (a kind of nose treatment) which eliminate the risk of diseases related to head. These are few examples of body massage that are practicing in our centre with an extreme infrastructure.

We have many body massage packages which are very much attractive, relaxing & refreshing. The duration are 45 mins. to 4 hrs. for booking just email us at