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Shalakya Tantra Treatment

Shalakya Tantra, one of ayurveda ashtang, deals with the etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and cure of diseases which are located above the neck region like the head, ear, nose, eye and throat. Ayurveda Shalakya Tantra treatment is liable for all types of problems in and around the head. In South India, Shalakya Tantra is known as Urdhwangchikitsa. In Shalakya Tantra as ayurvedic treatment, there are different types of probe which are included. Some of them are probe of the eye (netra shalaka), probe of the ear (karna shalaka), probe of the nose (nasa shalaka), of the throat (mukh shalaka) and of the lips (oshta shalaka).

Benefits from Shalakya Tantra
Shalakya Tantra as an ayurvedic treatment is essential for good health. It helps in improving the health of the parts which lie above the shoulders. It cures the diseases completely by providing the strict directions for taking in ayurvedic medicines under an ayurvedic physician. It also provides the gudelines for taking care of ENT and other parts of the body which lie above the shoulders.

Procedure Involved in Shalakya Tantra
Charak Samhita, Sushurut Samhita and Ashtang Samghrah mention the procedures (Nasyam, Dhoomapnam, Gandoosham, Kabalam, Shirodhara, Shirovasthi, Anjanam, Tharpanam, Pratisaranam) involved in Shalakya Tantra describing the general care of the eye and ENT structures. Besides this, Shalakya Tantra has pointed out 25 diseases of the ear, 18 diseases of the nose, 11 diseases of the lips, 1 disease of the lymph glands, 23 diseases of the teeth, 6 diseases of the tongue, 8 diseases of the palate, 18 diseases of the throat-pharynx-larynx and 8 diseases of the oral cavity.