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Ayurveda is a traditional health science. It is a very systematically designed pathy which is meant for relieving people from their illness. It is about 5000 years old science but even then it had separate particular branches according to the need of the patient and Kayachikitsa is one of them. The word “Kaya” means the body. Kayachikitsa is related to the methods by which body is revived by miseries. It helps in combating with the physical body as well as the subtle body. So, it is more of a psycho-somatic method of ayurvedic treatment.

Kaya Chikitsa essentially deals with the diagnosis and cure of a variety of general diseases, like skin disorders, diabetes, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis and many other disorders. Charaka Samhita is the most important scripture on kayachikitsa. It discusses the basic principles of treatment, various types of therapies and purification or detoxification methods. According to this natural treatment, the body of a person is product of the constant psychosomatic interactions and diseases caused are due to the imbalance caused in the trishods of the body. This imbalance caused in the three doshas of vata-pitta-kapha is sometimes, created by the mind and infrequently by the body's dhatu (tissues) and mala (toxin deposits). It is then that the kayachitikitsa branch of ayurveda comes to assistance.

Benefits from Kayachikitsa
Kayachikitsa treatment helps to be cured from muscular dystrophy, spinal and cervical disorders, severe skin problems such aslike Erythroderma, obesity, thyroid, reproductive disorders, ADHD, severe mental handicap and paralysis. As being of a branch of ayurveda treatment Kayachikitsa has no side effects.

Procedure Involved in Kayachikitsa
Many procedures have been devised to observe the patient so that the cause of his misery and ailments are discovered. Consequently he is supplied with the remedy. There has been inclusion of various procedures of performing treatments. One of the most general and the successful procedure of treating a disease is Panchkarma. This is the series of five procedures or operations through which body is purified and cleansed from the vitiated dosha to attain the state of homogenizes and happiness.