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Graha Chikitsa

Ayurveda is a very ancient medicinal treatment and a combination of eight treatment methods called as Ashtang. Graha Chikitsa is one of Ashtang Ayurveda treatment. Graha Chikitsa Treatment is used to cure the patient who is suffered from mental diseases. Graha Chikitsa deals with the diseases of mind or psychic conditions, which can be caused by mystic forces or attack of some evil spirit. Experts have explained the word bhuta in different ways. According to some experts ‘bhuta’ means ghosts and similar bad spirits who cause abnormal psychological conditions. According to some others, ‘bhuta’ represents microscopic organisms such as virus, bacteria that are not visible to naked eye. In modern terminology, it can be considered as idiopathic diseases in which the exact cause of disease is unknown.

The Aurvedic Treatment Graha Chikitsa also believes in the past karma or deeds as a causative factor of certain diseases. It uses various methods in treatment of a patient. It deals with the causes which are not visible and have no explanations. These are cured by Graha Chikitsa Treatment.

Benefits from Graha Chikitsa
Since Graha Chikitsa believes in past deeds and supernatural elements it tries to cure the patient by using of herbs. Ayurvedic Physician tries to cure the patient by removing supernatural elements and psychiatric problems. Almost all mental problems are removed by using Graha Chikitsa Treatment methods.

Procedure Involved in Graha Chikitsa
There are lots of procedures involved in Graha Chikitsa treatment. At first ayurvedic physician tries to find out the causes of the diseases. He tries to know the back ground of the mental diseases which affected the patient. After knowing the causes and background, he uses various methods to cure the patient.