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Ayurveda Beauty Treatments

The topical application of the herbal paste to the face and keeping it indisturbed for certain period is known as a kaya kalp(Beauty Treatment). Beauty Treatments (kaya kalp) is help to improve the ageing sign and it is improve the softness of the skin. This therapy is used to clear the morbidity of dosha or any toxic substances in facial skin, according there are three types of kaya kalp(Beauty Treatment).
  1. Dosaghna Kaya Kalp: this refers to a variety of kaya kalp in which the herbs used in the facial application are efficacious in clearing the morbidity of dosha located in the face.
  2. Vishaghna Kaya Kalp: the accumulation of any toxic subatances in the face are eliminated by the application of vishaghna kaya kalp.
  3. Varnakara Kaya Kalp: the application of kaya kalp for beautifying the face by improving the color and complextion is knowns by the name varnakara kaya kalp..

Elakkizhi/Podikkizhi & Njavarakkizhi
Kizhi is one of the most popular therapies used for the purpose of rejuvenation of the body. It is a process by which, the whole body or a part of it is made to perspire by the application of certain medicinal puddings followed by massage is called Njavarakkizhi, in place of medicinal pudding when we use herbal leaves is called Elakkizhi and instead of using herbal leaves medicated powder we can used herbal medicinal Choornams, then it called podikkizhi.
Sharirabhyanga Pizhichil Udwarthanam Akshi Tarpan
Uzhichil Sirodhara Shirovasthi Elakizhi
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