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Ayurveda Special Treatment

Special Treatment (Padaghata )
Padaghata is a very special treatment in Ayurveda and Padaghata is a form of external snehana treatment. Application of the oil all over the body followed by a special massage, in which the therapist uses his feet to apply firm pressure on the client’s body, is the unique feature of padaghata. The word pada means feet, and hence massaging with feet is known as padaghata.
Beneficial effects
All the beneficial effects of sharirabhyanga can also be obtained by the padaghata. As more pressure is applied during the massage with feet, this procedure is more effective in building the muscular body. Moreover, even in patients suffering from diseases due to morbid of vata dosa, this procedure is more effective, and also quick in its therapeutic actions. Immunity against the diseases is also enhanced by this therapy.

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