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Agada Tantra

Agada Tantra, Visha Chikitsaa, is one of the eight branches of Ayurveda in ancient Indian system of Medicine. Poison (Visha) is defined as any material which gains entry into the body (exogenous) or formed in it (endogenous) that is capable of endangering life or that can impair health. Knowledge of the origin, development and toxicity manifestation of accumulated poisons and suitable remedial measures are an integral part of health. Present food habits, life style and mental attitudes etc, are entirely different from the past. The basic essentials of a healthy life such as air, food and water are all polluted and the resultant hazards paint a gloomy picture for the generations to come. The greatest gift we can offer to the new generation is a clean world.

Benefits from Agada Tantra
Agada Tantra as an ayunvedic treatment deals with a range of methods of cleaning the poisons out of the body as well as recommends antidotes for specific poisons. It deals with a wide range of natural toxins originating from wild lives like animals, birds, insects etc., plants including herbs (belladonna, aconite etc.), vegetables, minerals (leads, mercury, arsenal etc.) and artificial poisons prepared from poisonous drugs.

Procedure Involved in Agada Tantra
Agada Tantra holds many procedures as a branch of ayurvedic treatment. Every procedure has unique features. These are applied during agada tantra treatment and teachings students of this course. Agada Tantra holds processes that certain potentially poisonous substances such as mercury and lead can be used as medicines if properly processed under the supervision of ayurvedic scholars and applied in the prescribed dose.