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Massage Therapy Courses

Massage Therapy is the fastest growing division of natural health care, due largely to the growth in public demand for alternative approaches to health. Every year, lots of people are taking admission in massage therapy courses to pursue career in this field. Normally, these are individuals who are attracted in different types of therapies that promote well-being and a higher quality of life.

Still, there are over 100 different massage therapy techniques available today, and it is hard to know where one should start. If you are unsure of the type of bodywork you want to pursue, obtaining an education as a massage therapist is a great way to begin and to set the groundwork for your forthcoming career. You can easily enlarge from your massage therapy courses, and add new therapies to your practice in coming days.

As a Massage Therapist help people to feel relax and release stress. They generally use manual therapeutic techniques to massage soft tissues (such as muscle) that have been affected by stress, injury and illness. You should have a strong knowledge of anatomy & physiology, pathology, kinesiology, therapeutic massage, spa services, medical and sports massage to be a good massage therapist. Here you will find complete details about massage therapist courses available in India in different states.

There are lots of massage therapy courses are offered in India mainly in Kerela. Massage therapy programs are offered by many institutes in India. At Kerela-ayurvedics we provide massage therapy courses which range from one day to twenty days. We provide theoretical as well as practical classes. We concentrate more on the practical classes. We ask students to do the practical individually. Our massage therapy course programs are listed below:

Our Massage therapy courses are short. They range from one day session to twenty days sessions. During One Day Massage Training Course, you will be taught any one of the following:

1. One Day Massage Training Course:

Courses involved :
  1. Relaxation Massage
  2. Weight Reduction
  3. Ayurveda beauty therapy
  1. This one day training course will be of four hours.
  2. You will be taught the theory and after that you will be asked to do the practical.

For 1 day Massage Course Online Booking or Online Registration

2. Five Days Massage Training Programs

Course involved:
  1. Abhyangam
  2. Sirodhara
  3. Elakkizhi
  4. Udwartharanam
  5. Nasyaam
  6. Head massage
  7. Face care
  8. Eye care
  9. Steam
  10. Foot care
Time: Two hours daily

During this five days massage training courses theoretical as well as practical classes are provided to all students. Individual student will be asked to do the practical him or her self.

For 5 day Massage Course Online Booking or Online Registration

3. Twenty Days Massage Training Classes :

Courses Treatments
Relaxation Massages,  
Rejuvenation packages  
Ayurveda Facial Arthitis
Body Toning Spondylitis
Weight Reduction packages Sinusitis
Weight Gaining Packages Obesity
Detoxification Therapies Ageing
Ayurveda Beauty therapies Sexual problem
Hair Care Stress & Strain
Shin Care Back Pain
Eye care Migrain
Steam bath Sleep Disorder
Herbal Bath General Fatigue
Body Scrub  
Ayurvedic Diet  
Ayurvedic Books  
General Exercises  
How to recognize one's Constitution  
How to treat for a particular problem  
Contra indication of each treatment  

You will have to attend all the theoretical and practical classes, after getting admitted to the Twenty Days Massage Training Program. You will be asked to do the practical of your course separately.

For 20 day Massage Course Online Booking or Online Registration

For further details regarding the Massage Training course, please contact:

1. New Delhi Centre
119-A, Anupam Garden, Lane No.3,
Sainik Farm, New Delhi-110068
Telephone: 011-29532388

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2. Gurgaon Centre
T 16/19, DLF Qutab Enclave,
DLF phase III,
Gurgaon, Haryana.
Telephone: 011-29532388
Mobile: 9871503592, 9350242348

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