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Ayurveda Relaxation Massage

Keraleeya ayurveda panchakarma Provide Excellent relaxation massage by qualified & expert Young & Enthusiasts staff.

Ayurveda Relaxation Packages for 30mins. Session

Ayurveda Relaxation Packages for 1 hr. Session

Ayurveda Relaxation Packages for 1.30 Hrs. Session

Get Younger Looking Skin - Scientifically
(ARA) - You don't need scientific studies to tell you that watching your skin age - accumulating wrinkles, fine lines and age-related blemishes - is no fun at all. But long gone are the days when women could only attempt to hide wrinkles and blemishes with makeup, or fruitlessly slather on wrinkle creams that just didn't work.

Ayurveda Massage can now help you fight off signs of aging.

The beauty press has widely reported the efficacy of anti-aging products that contain resacetophenone, gluconolactone, diglycerin, MMP and vitamin C. Now, all those powerful scientific ingredients including ayurveda massage are available in a single serum, one that can start producing results in as little as 3 weeks.

Gloskin contains some of the most potent ingredients to reduce age-related skin flaws. Ingredients and their effects include:
  1. Resacetophenone - lightens under-eye circles, brightens skin and removes age spots
  2. Gluconolactone - exfoliates gently to remove dry skin cells and calm the skin
  3. Diglycerin - provides a protective mask to retain moisture and keep skin hydrated
  4. MMP - preserves collagen (which is directly related to skin's elasticity) and soothes skin
  5. Vitamin C - a natural antioxidant that protects against sun and free radical damage.

Clinically developed, Gloskin produces a brightening effect that makes your skin look and feel younger. The patented ingredients smooth fine lines and wrinkles, decrease under-eye darkness and diminish age spots and blemishes. Simply apply Gloskin directly to the skin in a circular motion after your morning or evening cleansing.

Used consistently, Gloskin can produce results in as little as 3 weeks.

After using Gloskin for a short while, you will notice:
  1. Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Decreased under-eye darkness
  3. Reduced skin discoloration
  4. Improved moisture
  5. An overall appearance that is brighter and rejuvenated.

Ayurveda Relaxation Massage for Seniors- Transcendental Meditation technique may drastically reduce the medical costs of seniors.

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Massage in Delhi / Gurgaon for 30mins. Session
Foot Massage
Head & Face Massage
Head & Shoulder massage
Back Massage

Ayurveda Relaxation Massage for 1 hr. Session
  1. Abhyangam+ Herbal Bath
  2. Abhyangam+ Elakkizhi+ Herbal bath
  3. Abhyangam+ Ksheeradhara + Herbal bath
  4. Abhyangam+ Thakaradhara + herbal bath
  5. Ayurvedic Facial
  6. Eye & Ear & Nose Care (Anjanam+ Karna pooranam + Nasyam)
  7. Aloevera Gel massage
  8. Fruit Massage
  9. Milk cream massage
  10. Honey & Lemon juice massage
  11. Body scrub & bath

Ayurveda Massage for 1.30 Hrs. Session
  1. Beauty treatment
  2. Abhyangam + Taila Dhara + herbal bath

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