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Ayurveda Packages

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicare and health care that is originated from Indian Sub continents. Ayurvedics massage is one of the oldest and most developed modes of medicare and natural body treatment in the world. Today in this corporate world there is huge competition that causes stress, fatigue, work load, inadequate sleep and inadequate diet can lead to ill health. To overcome all these problems ayurveda massage plays an important role that includes types of therapies, panchkarma, ayurveda treatments and lots more. Ayurveda packages includes yoga, relaxation massages, herbal bath, rejuvenation, abhyangam, swedanam, elekkizhi and lots more in order to maintain healthy body cells.

Here, kerala-ayurvedics offers types of kerala ayurveda packages comprise range of treatments and kerala ayurveda packages in Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR. Now, India is not an tourist attraction or destination in the world but also become one of the favored ayurveda treatment and massage training center of the world. Here you will get a wonderful selection of ayurveda health resorts in delhi, gurgaon in India. That helps you in get out of stress, peace of mind that enables you in rejuvenation and leading a healthy life. Ayurveda packages in India, gurgaon and delhi includes ayurveda and panchakarma therapies by a team of technically experienced massage technicians under the supervision of very qualified ayurveda panchakarma doctors.

Keraleeya Ayurveda panchakarma centre in Delhi and in Gurgaon offers wide verities of ayurveda massage packages at affordable rates and durations that visitors can choose as per their budget and requirement. We will offer our services at,

119-A, Anupam Garden,
Lane No.3, Sainik Farm,
New Delhi - 110068

Ayurveda Packages Time
Abhyangam with swedanam & herbal Bath 1 Hr.
Chavitti Thirummal ( Traditional Foot Massage of Kerala) 1 Hr.
Abhyangam with Sirodhara & Herbal Bath 1:30 Hr.
Abhyangam,  Elekkizhi & Swedanam 1:30 Hr.
Abhyangam, Pizhichil & Swedanam 1:30 Hr.
Abhyangam Elakkizhi, Sirodhara & Herbal bath 2:00 Hr.
Abhyangam, Kayaseka, Elakkizhi, Swedanam & Herbal bath 2:00 Hr.
Abhyangam, Kayaseka, Elakkizhi, Sirodhara & Herbal Bath 3:00 Hr.
Kaya kalpa ( Traditional Beauty Treatment of Kerala) 2:00 Hr.