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Ayurveda Equipments

We are manufacturer and exporter of all Ayurveda Equipments and we are in quality product. Those products are:
W Dhroni on plain table- is finished in quality a best quality product and It have a highly decorative wooden stand with 5 size wood frame. It made out of Country Venga wood.
W Dhroni in All Around Table- This table carved out of single piece medicinal wood and with quality finishing. For this Table Venga Neem and many other medicated Woods are used.
Lying Steam Chamber- Teakwood wooden use for this and it is so hollywood. This chamber is a wooden frame and translucent FRP Window Panes. Heavy duty boiler is included.
Steam Chamber- This is a Steam Chamber which have adjustable seat with Copper Tube Steam. This is made out of Neem Wood which helps to protect in many disoreder
Wooden Steam Chamber- This is a Wooden Chamber Which have adjustable seat with Copper Tube Steam. It has FRP inner lining and this is also made out by Neem Wood
Shirodhara Automatic Machine
Virechan Chair (Enema Chair)
Arsh Bashpa Sweda Yanthram
Nasya Anjana Chair