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Advantages of Ayurveda

We know the health rules. We know the few things about preventive medicine. We take care of our health. We eat healthy, but sometimes few things are out of control. Even if we take good care of our health some things goes wrong. Due to Bad weather, travel, work, pressure, guests, worries, tension, etc. Ayurveda focuses on prevention is better than cure but if you fall sick Ayurveda has option of all different sort of effective treatments for you. These treatments are safe, body friendly and without any side effects. The advantage of ayurvedic treatments are:

Kaya Chikitsa: (Internal Medicine) Various type of herbs and roots, stems, bark, leaves, flowers, pollen grains, fruits, gum of medical plants are used. Some animal products like milk, honey, ghee, bee wax are also use as a medicine.

Panchkarma Treatments: (Five Purificatory Methods ) These methods clean the body and remove the toxicity from your body. These treatments are specialty of Ayurveda.

Vaman ( Emesis): It is induced and controlled vomiting mainly used for Kapha disorders.

Virechana (Purgation ): it is controlled purgation mainly use for pitta disorders.

Basti (Medicated Enemas ): Medicated decoctions and or medicated oils are used for these retention type of enemas. Mainly used for vata disorders.

Nasya (Nasal Insufflations): Medicated oils and herbal combinations are introduced in nasal cavity, mainly used in head disorders.

Raktamokshan (Blood Letting): Venous or Capillary blood is taken out in small quantities either using needles or leeches. Mainly used for Pitta and blood related disorders and skin problems.

Snehana ( Oleation therapy ): Medicated oils and Pure Ghee are used in massage and internal Oleation. There is a different style of ayurvedic massage.

Swedana ( Sudation Therapy ): Various methods are used In this treatments like steam bath, hot sand bag, medicated towel scheme, medicated tub bath are used for relaxation.

Rasayana ( Rejuvenative treatments and diseases of old age ): Rasayana is a combination for rejuvenative. And it is helpful to solve many disorders of old age.

Vajikarana (Use of aphrodisiacs and treatments of fertility related problems ): This is a most popular branch in Ayurveda all the time and it will Use of aphrodisiacs and treatments of fertility related problems.

Diet, Food supplements and Medicated Foods: Ayurveda looks at diet and nutrition on individual approach. Yoga: Yoga And Ayurveda go hand in hand. Through there are some difference there are more similarities between these two great sciences.

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